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Established in the year 2013, BLCKFASHION became a reliable source for fashion lovers to stay aware of the newest brands and innovative fashion styles. BLCKFASHION uses social media such as Instagram and Facebook to update all their followers of what is now considered 'hot' in terms of mostly streetstyle fashion.

In 2015 BLCKFASHION launched their webshop, which provides their followers an easier way to purchase several brands they follow on social media. The webshop focuses itself on them mid-level price clothing. This means the products displayed on the website are of affordable prices for the average consumer.

All the brands chosen for the webshop are carefully handpicked. In consideration with the variety of followers of BLCKFASHION the different brands all have their own style but together they still maintain a certain form of coherence. BLCKFASHION is love for fashion and love for sharing information about fashion. The webshop makes way for the consumer who wishes to become part of the fashion world. Enter the BLCKFASHION runway. Enjoy and spread the love for fashion!


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